Snow Removal

snowy_20roof-300x224Buffalo is known for it’s snow. And with each snowfall come new concerns about properly protecting and maintaining your home. As a homeowner, in the summer you worry about leaks in your roof or clogged gutters. In winter, you worry about snow weighing down your roof.

Heavy snow, blown unevenly by wind drifts, can cause sections of your roof to be loaded down, making it susceptible to failure, and in some cases, can cause your roof to collapse. Signs of potential collapse include:

  • Visually deformed, cracked, or split wood
  • Doors that pop open, or doors and windows that become difficult to open
  • Bowed utility pipes or ceiling conduit
  • Creaking, cracking, or popping sounds
  • New or rapidly growing wall or ceiling cracks

26c80f311eb3ba7c-300x199Don’t wait for damage to occur to get your roof cleared. At Supreme Roofing WNY, we offer roof snow removal to give you peace of mind. Snow shoveling is strenuous, and trying to clear it yourself can put you and your roof at risk to damage. Trust the professionals at Supreme and rest at ease knowing that the professionals have your home in hand.

At Supreme, our goal is to maintain 100% customer satisfaction.  We are committed to professionalism and our experienced staff is reliable and dependable. When you choose Supreme Roofing, you’re choosing to work with a company that makes you the number one priority.